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Add Transfer Ownership button in project settings
Sunday May 20, 2018
Fix change password : User could not change password
Monday May 14, 2018
We had a problem with the CDN this morning around 8am GMT, causing random behavior of the interface, the problem is fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience
Tuesday May 08, 2018
New icons for priority level
Monday May 07, 2018
Update date format in main Task/Issue list
Monday May 07, 2018
Dashboard project list can be hidden
Wednesday April 25, 2018
Description is now editable from the main view in the right panel
Wednesday April 25, 2018
News : 100% active users growth in the first quarter 2018 on uBugtrack
Tuesday April 17, 2018
Title is now editable from the main view in the right panel
Tuesday April 10, 2018
Add material effect on Tasks/issues view scroll with header panel
Friday April 06, 2018
Add file attachment in comment
Sunday April 01, 2018
Crash reporter now support Node.js with a NPM package (ubugtrack-crash-report)
Thursday March 29, 2018
Add new stats : Created / Resolved - Weekly
Tuesday March 27, 2018
Major UX Update
Monday March 26, 2018
Add new permission : Reporter (View all tasks but can edit only that his)
Tuesday March 20, 2018
New Feature : Customizable labels with new interface.
Monday March 19, 2018
Emergency Fix : Interface blocked on Microsoft Edge -> Error SCRIPT5007
Thursday March 08, 2018
New design for project list in dashboard view
Tuesday March 06, 2018
Save filter selection in the browser cache instead of the temporary session
Monday March 05, 2018
Ergonomic improvement of adding comment
Sunday March 04, 2018
Update Crash Report Lib for PHP - Use set_error_handler instead of register_shutdown_function
Sunday March 04, 2018
New Feature : Statistics section : Created / Resolved, Tickets Number by Status, Open Age, Resolution Time
Friday March 02, 2018
Update Crash Report Lib for PHP - Support No catched Exeption - Download Here
Monday February 19, 2018
Add Feedback button
Tuesday February 13, 2018
New dynamic tag for Released tasks
Thursday February 08, 2018
Fix git tag release, reuse existing version if exist
Thursday February 08, 2018
Add a global team in-progress view on dashboard
Thursday February 08, 2018
Support git tag with syntax /release/XXX to create a release on UBT
Thursday February 08, 2018
Improve search field with custom syntax
Thursday February 08, 2018
Realtime search engine
Thursday February 08, 2018
Auto reload tasks view
Thursday February 08, 2018
API : Get a release note
Thursday February 08, 2018
Refresh task comment in real time
Thursday February 08, 2018
Inteligent sort : When filter Closed is selected, Sort on updated time columns
Thursday February 08, 2018
Rewrite project settings ergonomics
Thursday February 08, 2018
New Setting : Auto Assign after status change to 'To Be Tested'
Thursday February 08, 2018
Sort option to display my assigned tasks first
Tuesday December 05, 2017
Add favorite project feature to put a project in the top of the project list
Tuesday October 03, 2017
New feature : Import ticket from CSV
Sunday March 05, 2017
Add new field to enter the release version when ticket is created
Friday December 09, 2016
Git syntax : Reasign task to creator with syntax #TASKID:fixed
Friday December 09, 2016
API : Create release from API
Wednesday December 07, 2016
Add a new priority Emergency
Monday December 05, 2016
Improve crashes view to clean up the old version crashs in one clic
Monday December 05, 2016
Add warning when exit Task creation without save
Tuesday November 15, 2016
Possibility to search in the selected project or all projects
Friday August 26, 2016
Auto reasign ticket to creator when status change to ::To be tested::
Friday August 26, 2016
Fix total count
Sunday August 21, 2016
Support multiple tag command in Git commit
Thursday April 14, 2016
Improve slack integration message
Thursday April 14, 2016
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